In February this year Emma Clark trekked in the Helambu region of highland villages in Nepal, situated about 80 km from Kathmandu to raise money for one of our beneficiaries; Velindre Cancer Trust.  She was part of a group of the charity’s fundraisers and was accompanied by Velindre Cancer Trust patron Rhod Gilbert.  The trek was over five days and they raised money by walking for ten hours each day. The group camped in -7 degree temperatures at night, huddled around a campfire listening to how people have benefited from the charity with money raised by like-minded fundraisers, which motivated them for the next day.  A highlight of the trip was that Derek Brockway read out a weather forecast for one of their days. You can meet Emma on Saturday 18th May at The Ocean Lab, Goodwick, which is The Tour of Pembrokeshire’s new feed-station for 2019 where she’ll be raising further funds for Velindre.