Throughout the year, we get a lot of requests via the Tour of Pembrokeshire website to see whether we can provide cycling routes and advice on good places to stay or eat.

We’ve produced routes for clubs, organisations, groups of friends and even a business man who flew in with his guests by helicopter.

Indeed when the organisers of the Tour of Britain arranged The Great Tour in 2015, we were asked to produce seven of the stages, from Weston-Super-Mare to Aberystwyth.

During 2017, Channel 5 produced a programme entitled Britain By Bike and we were invited to join George Lamb for a day’s cycling around a route that we designed to showcase The Tour of Pembrokeshire.  The first episode will be screened on Friday 29th September at 20:00hrs.

All this set us thinking and we decided to combine our experience of planning good cycle routes with our knowledge of the providers of quality food and accommodation and create Tour of Pembrokeshire Roadsteads; reliable destinations for cyclists.  We’ve got to know some great businesses over the years and Roadsteads are fine examples.


A selection of cycling routes for all abilities available to download.

All Roadsteads are equipped with:

  • Track pump
  • Multi tool
  • Tyres
  • Inner tubes
  • Puncture repair kits
  • Effeto Expresso CO2 puncture repair
  • Secret Training energy gels
  • Tour of Pembrokeshire Cow-bells
  • Tour of Pembrokeshire body and hand lotion
  • Postcards and greetings cards

Here’s what one visitor said about Roadstead

I just wanted to say a great thank you for today.

I was cycling a route I’d found on your website when I had a blow out and my tyre torn off the rim at Aber Mawr.  After I’d fixed the flattie I was left with an inner tube bulge from a split in the tyre that was dangerous.  With no mobile signal I did a short walk to Tregwynt Woollen Mill in the hope of finding a phone and a cuppa.  I was surprised to find that they had a stock of cycling essentials as this was one of your excellent TOP Roadsteads.  It saved the day, the last thing I was expecting was to find a new tyre but thanks to your facility and your kind help I got back on the road.

I think it is fabulous that you are linking up with stop off points on routes and providing this facility, a real synergy, they did me a great sandwich and let me use their phone.  I am looking forward to having another crack at the full round and as my fitness improves will maybe enter the Tour of Pembrokeshire, as it is a fantastic route with glorious scenery.

Thanks again for the help and the personal touch, wishing you and the ToP every success.

Best regards, Ian 

Take a minute to explore the recently opened cafe at Melin Tregwynt.

Roadstead Food Stops

A meeting place to start and finish a ride with ease of parking and access.
A place to enjoy breakfast, coffee, cake and lunch.
Access to emergency repair kit and energy products.

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Roadstead Accommodation Provider

A reliable cyclist friendly accommodation provider with storage for bikes.

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