How do I book camping, a massage or buy an item after I've registered?

Login in to Results Base
Click “My Area”
Click “Your Orders”
Scroll down to the event, then under the “Options” column on the right hand side, click “Signed Up”
Under the shop products column, click “Edit Shop Item”
This brings up the options for additional products.
You can then select the options you wish to purchase and you can go through the checkout process as normal.

Where can I find answers to questions about the entry system?

You can find them here, by clicking on this link: https://www.resultsbase.net/about#faq


The camping field is on the A487 almost opposite to the lane leading to Crug Glas and will be open from Friday 18th May until Sunday 20th May.  We provide toilets and running water in the camping field and showers are located at the start/finish area at the hotel.  You can either book when you enter the event via the Results Base website or at the online shop on this website which you can access from the Home page.


Due to the nature of the event and the planning involved we do not make refunds or allow entries to be deferred to another year.  However, riders are able to transfer their place to another rider via the entry website or by email if there is a cost difference.


The start times are set in consideration of other road users.  Everyone involved in running or supporting the event will work to a timed schedule allocated to each route.  For safety and support reasons it is absolutely essential that riders ensure they start within the time allocated for their chosen route.  N.B. If you do try to start before your planned route start time you will have to ride the route you started on because your chosen route will not have been opened. Start line marshals will assist you.

Do you send out a rider briefing?

Yes we do. Most of the information you should need is here on the website. However, we send out a rider briefing a few days before the event which gives us the chance to include any late changes that you may not have noticed on the website.

Do you allow clip-on bars and TT bikes?

Yes we do. However, The Tour of Pembrokeshire is a country road sportive so the lanes and road surfaces can be dangerous, as is riding in groups. So, as we’re sure you appreciate, you’ll need to use them with caution.

Can I transfer my entry?

Yes, if you know someone who would like your entry, you can transfer it to them by visiting the resultsbase.net website and follow the instructions on this page https://resultsbase.net/ContentPage.aspx?Id=21

Will I be able to ride with my friends?

Yes, provided you start with them within the allotted time.

Can I register for a group of riders?

Yes, if you email us with rider ID, rider names and email addresses on or before Thursday the 18th of May we will compile a registration envelope for each member of your group.

Can I enter if I'm under 18?

Yes, we like to think we can include anyone who is capable of riding the distance safely and competently providing the parental guarantee form has been completed which requires them to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Do you make refunds?

Unfortunately we are unable to make refunds, or defer entries.

Can I change my route?

Yes, if you know beforehand that you would like to change your route, please email info@tourofpembrokeshire.co.uk with your full name, rider number, postcode and the route you’ve entered and the one you’d like to change to and we will make the transfer for you.  Please note that your start time will change and you will ony be able to start within the period for the route you’re riding.

What happens if my entry details change?

Simply go to the Results Base website and edit them.

How do my family and friends register to help at the event?

They can go on-line and register via the link on the Home Page.